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AMS - Structural design | Composite materials | Mast design


AMS was founded at the beginning of 2005 by an idea of Francesco Pelizza.


After six years spent working in the aeronautic and aerospace field, and the last two as head of a structural division in a consulting firm, Francesco decided to found Advanced Mechanical Solutions, a company which offers services of structural calculations, designing, and finite elements analysis.

The idea is of making a talented and motivated group of people which is able to apply the procedures and the advanced standards used in aeronautic and aerospace fields. The bet we are winning is to do it at an affordable price.

Our goal is to obtain high quality products through our and our customers technical development.

We are always ready to share with our customers methods and procedures. We do not simply deliver a product but we share our methods from the very beginning to the delivery of the final drawings through the whole production process.


Advanced Mechanical Solutions s.r.l. via Albertini 36, 60131 Ancona Tel. +39 071 9946104 Fax +39 071 9946105 P.I. 02421560422