Each order is handled by a project manager who involves the customer in decisions, plans each step, reports any critical problems to management, updates deadlines and checks compliance.

The project manager has an entire team of engineers at his disposal, who are entrusted with individual tasks.

Each phase of work is animated by two types of meetings: the first -one is a meeting with all the members of the AMS technical team, so as to circulate ideas and share know-how from different experiences, the second-one is aimed at customers, to fully involve them in the project, from design to final production.

Finally, each output is reviewed and evaluated by other team members before being approved, in order to guarantee a quality control of the highest level.


Using the most advanced design software, finite element analysis and skills acquired over the years of production experience, AMS accompanies the customer through the entire production cycle.

Our engineers develop the product in every single part, using parametric three-dimensional CAD and analysing project outputs through finite element analysis (FEA) processes.
The iteration of this process makes it possible to design products optimized according to the parameters required by the customer.

The product virtual development makes it possible to reduce the testing and modification phases, in order to reach a consolidated configuration even before starting the production.
AMS provides the production workshop with paper documents (2D) and three-dimensional files (3D) to manufacture the product with numerical control machines (CNC).