AMS handling systems are tailor-made according to the customer’s request and for each type of yacht.
They are carefully designed and produced to grant the perfectly balanced combination of lightweight, ease of use and technical reliability.
Thanks to an extraordinary technical background, AMS team is able to deal with the most challenging projects, finding always the best solution as for system efficiency, reliability and excellent aesthetic performance.
At request, AMS designs and produces all sort of fully customized handling systems, hydraulic, electric or manual, in stainless steel, aluminium and carbon fibre.
AMS designs and manufactures transom doors, garage doors, pantograph doors, sliding doors, foldable balconies or bulwarks, hatches, any kinds of hull doors, implementing the best kinematics according to the specific applications and technical requirements.
Our products are extremely robust but can be operated easily, noiselessly and smoothly.
When closed, the exterior surface of garage doors, foldable bulwarks and balconies perfectly follow the yacht side or superstructure.
Once folded down, both balconies and bulwarks are equipped with stainless steel stanchions.
Shell doors, that give access to garages and/or are used for the boarding and disembarking of guests, crew and supplies, are designed according to the aesthetic and technical requirements.


  • Operation fail-safe logic
  • Non-corroding materials
  • Hydraulic, electric or manual handling
  • Custom and state-of-the-art solutions
  • Hidden and space-saving handling systems
  • Noiseless and fluid motion
  • Long-lasting quality


Handling system types
Hull doors, Garage doors, Balcony doors, Transom doors, Pantograph doors, Sliding doors, Foldable bulwarks, Hatches

Operating system
Hydraulically actuated. Electrically or manually actuated versions available on request.

Automatic operation
The correct automatic operation sequence is guaranteed by the control logic integrated in the electric switchboard.

Manual operation
Manual handling mode is also available to bypass the control logic and perform emergency operations when needed.

Control system
IP55 electric switchboard for local operation provided with programmable logic controller and configured for remote operation from the wheelhouse or other location.

Hydraulic power unit
Hydraulic power pack designed for guaranteeing the correct functioning of the system.
Hand pump for emergency operation included.

Power supply
Operating voltage: 24Vdc, 230Vac or 400Vac, as required.
If required, the switchboard can be provided with a configuration for a 24Vdc auxiliary power supply (e.g. from the on-board batteries) in order to keep the status signals active when the yacht is laid up.

Locking system
Hydraulic pin locks. Electrically or manually actuated versions available on request.

Stainless steel. Aluminium or carbon fibre light versions available on request.

Polished stainless steel for visible hinges.
Anodized or painted Aluminium.
Carbon look or coated carbon fibre.

Status signals reported on wheelhouse
Door open, door closed and locked.