AMS custom designed carbon fibre ladders stand out for their robustness, lightness and elegant design; they are ideal for aft beaches on yachts.
Customizations include not only size of the ladder but also its finish (carbon look or painted according to the chosen RAL); number of steps; kind of handles, fixed or rotatable. All AMS ladders are adaptable to the geometry of the hull thanks to purposely designed fixtures.

The AMS’ ladder can be customizable in length, finishing and position to fit customer’s yacht and taste.


  • Clear coated carbon fibre
  • Easy to install
  • Sleek design and ergonomic
  • Easy storage


Carbon fibre

Ladder steps
Numbers of steps can be chosen by the client

Under deck length Step

Staircase options
Clear coated carbon fiber – Anti-slip – On request

Paint Finish
clear coated carbon look or painted in the color requested