We have been delivering advanced mechanical engineering services to companies since 2005.

– Scantlings (design and dimensioning) of ships in composite materials
– Feasibility study
– Finite Elements Analysis
– Mechanisms and kinematic Design
– Structural design in the industrial and naval field
– 3D and 2D design
– Project management


Using in-house developed software, we perform analytical verification of hull and deck panels and stiffeners for boats under any class rule. A scantlings report is usually provided as documentation supporting the certification process. We chase two main goals: the definition of a structure compliance with the rules and the minimization of weights and costs according to the technology chosen by our clients. At the end, we provide a calculation report to support the certification process.

Feasibility Study

We carry out feasibility studies and preliminary design to validate a solution before entering in the final design and production phases.

Finite Elements Analysis

We perform finite elements analysis verifications for metal and / or composite materials structures. We are experienced in linear static, buckling, modal and nonlinear analyses, vibrational behaviour prediction. The virtual development allows testing and modifying the product, helping us to reach a stable configuration before the start of production, minimizing time-to-market and the risks associated with the prototyping phase.

Mechanisms Design

A deep knowledge of 3D modelling enables our engineers to design parts and assemblies and perform kinematic simulations. The integration with FEA allows the design shapes to be optimized under our Client’s constraints and parameters (e.g. the weight). Starting from the feasibility and preliminary study, we develop the project to final 2D drawings and 3D models for CNC machines.

Structural Design

We provide structural engineering services on various fields, from aeronautic to marine. Our structured aeronautical background assures a high-quality level, the respect of schedules and the traceability of all modifications from the very beginning to the final “as built” alterations. All designing processes are shared with the Client and iteratively repeated until they suit our Client’s needs.