An Italian pride. If you look for high technology, you’ll find Marche Region.

Ferdinando Cannella, Head of Industrial Robotic Unit of Italian Institute of Technology based in Genoa, was instructed to realize the robot monitoring and automation system of the new San Giorgio Bridge and he contacted the major companies of the sector. He cooperated with several excellencies of Marche Region which, according to what Francesco Pelizza, the CEO of AMS – Advanced Mechanical Solutions, said, were already a reference point for the leading companies for the related specialities, because they work on highly developed sectors and niche areas.

Bridge monitoring and inspection is even more a pressing need after the Morandi Bridge disaster. The technological innovation regarding robotics and materials used for this purpose definitely has an identity of Marche Region.
There are two robots that determine the safety and the efficiency of San Giorgio Bridge: one is in charge of keeping clean photovoltaic panels mounted on the outside of the bridge, and the other inspects and monitors the structure.

UBISIVE srl of Civitanova Marche created the interface of robots, Marche Polytechnic University came up with the algorithms that make them work, the Valeri Vanni office took care of the system conformity with required highest safety standards and AMS – Advanced Mechanical Solutions designed carbon arms that, with their lightweight and stiffness, slide under the bridge and support sensors which detect any detail: the robot ensures the Bridge Inspection thanks to the cameras mounted on the arms. These cameras have the capacity to inspect beyond the human eye, to analyse the colour spectrum and to produce 3D models.

Carbon arms design is AMS – Advanced Mechanical Solutions’ pride and it was very complex due to the need of achieving the important environmental standards, like the exposure to extreme atmospheric agents for a particularly long, slender and lightweight construction.

The result of convergence of technologies used in an unprecedent project is a system which can be used also in all the other major infrastructure, especially for the visual inspection part. It is a project born with an eye on the future, thanks to skills which grew up in our own land.