Cantiere delle Marche & AMS - Advanced Mechanical SolutionsWE ARE GROWING TOGETHER BY KEEPING THE SAME DNA

Flexplorer is a line of long range luxury yachts, built by the Cantiere delle Marche to allow its customers to go anywhere, in any condition, with maximum safety and reliability.

AMS – Advanced Mechanical Solutions, designed the “A-frame” crane, the hatches that hide it, the side arms and the stern hatch.

With Flexplorer, the shipyard enable its customers to transport larger tenders and toys than a classic three-decks boat in which the garage or upper deck is normally used for transport.

CDM designed the boat around the A-frame, installing in the yacht a type of crane that is normally used in the merchant shipping and in research vessels, thus ensuring maximum flexibility of use, without taking space from other important areas of the boat, such as the upper deck and the garage.

The crane, in the rest position, is housed in the bridge where there are also the hydraulic actuators, surmounted by three flaps that can be opened, hinged, which when the A-frame is activated, open automatically, allowing the crane to go out.

Once the tender has been launched, the crane returns to its seat and the flaps close.

The A-frame crane, perfectly enclosed in the deck floor is a remarkable piece of engineering specially developed by Cdm and designed by AMS – Advanced Mechanical Solutions, to provide the yacht with a powerful crane to launch a tender of 8,5 metres without interfering with the full use of deck space.
Needless to say, the A-frame crane also allows much safer loading and unloading operations and eliminates tilt problems.
Another advantage is that the tender is loaded and discharged into the protected waters at the stern of the vessel.