We produce carbon fiber masts, installed flush with the bridge inside a waterproof housing and integrated into the structure. When closed, the mast remains completely hidden under the level of the bridge, while when open it can withstand any weather condition without the use of stays. Telescopic masts are supplied as ready-to-use  products, with an electrical panel and a hydraulic unit. The use of carbon fiber makes them light, with a modern and pleasant design.

Each AMS telescopic light mast is completely designed and tailored to meet the customer's requirements.


Carbon fibre stages
Flush use on heli-decks
Waterproof housing
No cable winder.
The electrical cable is completely hidden inside the system (patent pending).
The system is totally sealed.
No stays needed. A patent pending stiffening system makes the mast rigid once completely open.


Lights height from deck
Suitable for any yacht up to 100m LOA.

Telescopic stages material
Pre preg epoxy carbon fibre

Internal stiffening system (patent pending)
AMS’ mast can withstand any weather condition without stays thanks to an internal stiffening system.

Standard version weight
≈ 750kg with AISI 316 stainless steel housing and actuator.

Light version weight (on request)
≈ 400kg with Aluminium housing and actuator.

Operating system
Hydraulically actuated. Electrically actuated version (patent pending) available on request.

Control system
IP55 electric switchboard for local operation provided with programmable logic controller and configured for remote operation from the wheelhouse or other location.

Hydraulic power unit
Hydraulic power pack provided with a 3kW three-phase motor and a 21l/min pump. Hand pump for emergency operation included.

Power supply
Operating voltage: 400Vac, 50Hz.
If required, the switchboard can be provided with a configuration for a 24Vdc auxiliary power supply (e.g. from the on-board batteries) in order to keep the mast status signals active when the yacht is laid up.

Electrical cable
Multiflex RR 18×1 cable. From the waterproof box, installed on the mast bottom, through a sealed cable transit device, ready to be connected to the on-board supply.

Lights orientation
Stages anti-rotational system installed inside the mast to prevent stages rotation, hence lights rotation.

Weather conditions
Designed to withstand, without stays, any sea condition the yacht is designed for.

Navigation lights
Designed for Cantalupi, Lopolight or any other navigation light.

Housing diameter
≈ 400mm.

Status signals reported on wheelhouse
Mast open, mast closed, waterproof box flooded.

Paint finish
Clear carbon look glossy or matt, or painted in a RAL or custom colour.