AMS carbon doors and carbon products are tailored for any kind of requirement and yacht. They are designed and manufactured to provide a perfectly-balanced combination of lightweight and strength.


Finite Element Analysis for the optimization of the weight and strength
Lightweight products with high strength and robustness
Saving of space and weight for the mechanisms
Complex shape manufacturing
High durability

AMS, trough the most advanced carbon fibre lamination technologies, is able to manufacture items with very complex shapes that could not otherwise be produced using conventional materials.


Design criteria
Each product is unique and it is designed according to the applicable Register design requirements and load cases. The finite element analysis allows us to obtain the lightest possible product with the highest strength and robustness. The design process leads to an optimised product where the carbon fibres are oriented towards the maximum stress direction.

Epoxy resin prepreg carbon fibre.
Epoxy resin carbon fibre laminated in vacuum bag.
Epoxy resin chopped carbon fibre laminated in vacuum bag.

Carbon doors
Transom doors, Garage doors, Balcony doors, Sliding doors, Hatches, any kind of Hull door.

Carbon products
Hard tops, Rollbars and any kind of cover.
Bathing platforms, foldable swimming ladders, rolling shutters, carbon lifting tables, or any custom solution.

Clear carbon look glossy or matt, or painted in any RAL or custom colour.

Weight and strength
Same strength as the corresponding item made of metallic material but at least 30% lighter.